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12 December 2018

PokemonGo PVP is Out!

Here is our first hand experience of PVP on PokemonGo!

Now you can have option to Train with the Trainer to get a feel how PVP works. Doing so will earn you the long lost badges of ACE trainer. Do note each training will only gain you 1 point but the good news is that your Pokemon wont need any item to heal them.

If you are challenging a real player you have 2 choices.

1. Scan QR code for those with you personally. The QR code will expire after a period of time.
2. Go to your friend list and if they are online (only for Ultra and Best Friends status), you can invite them for battle. It is entirely up to them to accept or not.

Then you are given 3 league to fight. Do note the limit is CP. So if there are Legendary Pokemon with low CP, you may see them in those battle.

So if you want to major in the lowest CP league then make sure you keep your useful Pokemon on those CP level and not evolve or power them up.

You are given some time then to choose 3 Pokemon. My advise is always think about what your opponent maybe using and choose those that counter their Pokemon.

The battle system is very straight forward. You choose 3 of your Pokemon and fight. Unlike Raid or battle in Gym, you cannot "avoid" attack by swiping left or right. So you can forget about dancing.

What count is you have to see what Pokemon is against you and is his attack is effective against you or is your attack effective against him.

When you are using your charging attack, you are given time to charge by pressing real fast to double your attack damage. If the opponent used the Shield, it basically nullify your attack. So plan your attack wisely.

If the attacker move is effective against you, you are given only 2 shield to block that attack. So use wisely especially you know their attack against you are effective.

If you win, you will get plus 1 point of the League badges depending which league you were playing along with some stardust.

This really is fun as now you can battle your friends in real time. However this also would distract you from Raid, battle in Gym or capturing Pokemon. So look out for those invitation as if you are online, your friends would know by seeing the ability to send invite to you to battle.

I would share more if I discover more over the days!

11 December 2018

What SD card should I get for Nintendo Switch

When one got a Nintendo Switch which already have 32 GB on board, one would be looking for SD card to expand the memory.

If you are looking into that, you need to know at least what type of SD card  is good enough for you to use on it.

Officially Nintendo recommend to have any SD card that has UHS-1-compatible and that have a transfer speed between 60 and 95 MB/sec. That basically mean your SD card should be at least Class 10. Also Nintendo Switch will support up to 2TB MicroSDXC cards.

PS: As of now in Dec 2018 there are no 1TB MicroSD card yet. The biggest on the market is only 512GB till date. 

Depend on your budgets and also as time goes on SD card would be dropping pricing of the same capacity over time.

What I purchased was a Samsung EVO 64GB micro SD SDXC Class 10 UHS U3 Memory Card 100MB/s. This SD card suppose to have up to 100MB/s Transfer speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility which is more than enough for speed transfer that Nintendo recommend.

Having a 64GB would take some time to fill it up as Nintendo don't play music nor allow video watching. So it would more on screenshots, game saved or games. Of course if your budget is higher you can go for the 128GB / 256GB / 512GB. For me is the economy of prices and capacity.

Hopefully this would give you some rough guide on what SD card to get. What Brand you want  totally your choice but just make sure it is original and from company that actually made memory card you should be fine.

If you find this useful, share it and like it! Thanks!

10 December 2018

How to mute voice chat in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

If you ever playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, one of the most irritating moment would be having someone on their mic and kept shouting.

In normal circumstances on PC, we can move the mouse to the team member name and click on the speaker icon to mute it. But on Nintendo, it need another solution.

So here is how it can be done.
1. While you are in game press - button
2. The screen would list out a group of name. Go under the nick name of the one that you find irritating and press X.

3. You would instantly silent him off.

Happy Playing!

01 December 2018

SPIDERWEBS SNES Street Fighter II Power bank

For those retro SNES Streetfighter II fan, here is a power bank for you!

This has the outlook of a SNES cartridge.

Nonetheless this is a power bank with 8000 mAh with capability for Rapid 2.4 A Quick charge. You can see the size below. Cable is not included.

They even put the packaging like the retro packaging of the cartridge of Street Fighter II! How cool is that?

This is set to release in March 2019 for 6,000 YEN by SPIDERWEBS under SUPER BGAME Street Fighter II Game Cassette Type Battery Charger SBGC-S2

28 November 2018

Loot Box banning is happening

If you are a gamer, Loot box may not be a foreign term to you especially if you are playing online or mobile game.

In April 2018, Belgium has declare a Ban on lootbox on certain games with UK follow thru shortly. Now US and Australia is looking into this matter of loot box  as well.

What is Loot box / Crate?
Loot boxes which gave random items or reward is seen as a norm in recent Online and mobile games. These loot box /crates would give you some advantage in your experience of your gaming experience.

Why game developer create Loot box?
The answer is the simple. To get more income and not just more income like one time purchase of DLC but more constant income as loot box can be anytime as long the gamer "invest" in that game.

Because it is random (although I highly doubt it is as the success rate already written into the development like placing the percentage of getting a rare item or characters), players would try and try again to get what they want.

By the time the player realized the game is not that fun after all, he/she may have paid a certain amount of money he actually intended. Then the game level increase and more new releases to tempt the player to get the more rare "reward".

As they are real money involved, this random loot box is like gambling such as buying lottery.

Is Loot box Micro Transaction?
To clarify that Loot box is not equal to micro transaction as micro transaction is straight forward that you know what you are buying and will get what you spent with your money.

Why Loot box is Illegal? 
Loot box on the other hand is an uncertainly of what you are getting even you paid for that amount. On that basis, that is consider as gambling which is against the law depending on which country you are in.

As games are open to younger players, some of them are below legal age to expose to gambling. Having such exposure is not good for them as they may spent money which likely are not theirs and cultivate the gambling habits in a way.

Gacha is the same as Loot box 
For Japanese game company, they call loot box with another name as "Gacha". Some of such games would give you daily ticket or let you play to earn points and over a period of time you can get to try one time of the "Gacha". If you cannot wait or actually grind in the game, then you pay money to get chances to go for Gacha.

Most Loot box only work if you are playing with a community as not to lose out and want to stand out with a different rare item, players would pay more to TRY to get what they want.

As a gamer, I have some experience with such games. While it certainly did not stop me from playing the game, it certainly enhance my experience with the game if I go for the reward in the loot box. Nonetheless because it cost real money, I do feel the temptation of making the emotional decision is high to get the rare items or characters in the game.

If I play the game long enough to know I have to spend more money to have a happier experience, it would likely I drop the game as it lost it meaning.

End of the day I think it is good that there are regulation especially there are young kids playing the game.

As to the game developers, you need to make more quality game rather than depending loot box sales and lazy DLC.

14 October 2018

Disney Epic Quest Coming

Disney Epic Quest is an action role-playing mobile game that brings together Disney and Pixar characters in a digital universe. Players will assemble a squad of three Disney and Pixar characters who embark on a journey to save their digital realm from a menacing virus that has infected the land.

The key features of Disney Epic Quest are:

Disney and Pixar characters across multiple franchises in new environments
At launch, the line-up will include characters from Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles (1&2), Wreck-It-Ralph and Mickey Mouse & Friends. Disney Epic Quest also marks the debut of original costumes for Mickey, Donald and Goofy, created exclusively for the game.

Easy to play, hard to master
Casual players will enjoy the simple hack-and-slash nature of combat, while dedicated fans will be delighted to know that each Disney and Pixar character in the game has been thoughtfully designed to be as unique as their personalities in the movies. The elaborate character designs, as well as the potential combinations of character classes, levels, gears, and skills means that there are plenty of opportunities for players to grow their individual Disney and Pixar characters, and customize their squad of characters.

Real-time multiplayer fun Players can also engage in multiplayer co-operative battles in at least two different game modes. Players can invite their friends to play together, or make use of the game’s matchmaking system to meet new friends for real-time play. Future plans also include a competitive player vs player (PvP) mode.

The game will launch in 2019 in Southeast Asia, and will be available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.

Starting today, fans from around the world can pre-register their interest on the official website at to be notified when Disney Epic Quest is available in their region.

12 October 2018

What and How to Trade in PokemonGo

Trading of PokemonGo has been going for sometime. Decided to share some personal experience to some of those who are new or just came back again to PokemonGo.
Trading could be something new and here are some sharing of from my experience to you.

Before trading was introduce, whenever you caught a low IV Pokemon you will likely to trade with Professor for candy.  Now with trading there is a good chance not only you get More Candies and also a chance to get higher IV or a Lucky Pokemon.

So the question would be what and How you need to trade in PokemonGo.

More Candies
When you trade with professor you would get 1 candy of that Pokemon you trade in. Trading with other players may give you more of that candy when the original location of that Pokemon was caught.

Trading will Re-roll the Pokemon you traded
It is true and I learned in a hard way that if you trade a Pokemon, the IV of that Pokemon reached to the other play could be different. There is a chance that it will become lower IV than before trading. The best bet would be getting a high CP Pokemon even though it has a lower IV, when re-roll, the CP is roughly still the same.

The best way to trade is a Pokemon that CP is higher than 75% as the odds it turn into a higher CP is higher. Just make sure the other player do the same then you may have higher chance to get Lucky Pokemon as that will only happen when both trading are in "Wonder" Class.

Trading regularly would not only increase friendship level that translate to using lesser stardust (trading price to pay is cheaper) but also you need to build that friendship level to trade higher class Pokemon like legendary Raid Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon.

Remember the Distance matter
When you are trading with another player remember the distant must be within 100 meter of each other and also the distance of the origination of both Pokemon to calculate the amount of Candies you both will get.

In my personal experience, always have some keep some high CP Pokemon with you for trade with any players as you do not know when and where you may meet your Pokemon friend to trade should he have some Pokemon you did not have.

In short, be Generous. It would not cost you any real money but you never know when someone would return a favor by giving you a Pokemon you never had a chance to meet before.

Hope you get your trading partners soon!

05 October 2018

Beginner Tips for Ghostbusters World

After playing for a week, here are some tips I got for those who are starting out on this game.

1. Upgrades your gears
The most important thing you need to do with the time and coins you have is to diligently upgrade your gears. You will experience easier catch when you level up your gears. You need to develop the time and habit to do so as most of the time you will forget as you busy catching or battling Ghost.

2. Virtual Pad / Tilt Mode
When the start of the game, it was default to Tilt mode where you must face your mobile in position where the Ghost are. After I discover there is a Virtual pad, it is more easy to play when you are moving about. However Virtual pad will use up your clip more when you are fighting the boss as it sense you are shooting and not aiming most of the time. Thankfully you can switch the mode and pause the game during the selection in the catching mode.

3. Trap or Destabilized
Not all ghost are powerful. They are label as default Rank given from the moment you caught them. Starting from the lowest class of D to Class S as Legendary.  If you Trap them, you have a chance to see which Class they are. Destabilize them does not give you any chance to see the Class at all.

If you destabilized 5 of the same kind, you can combine them to form a Ghost. Again the Ghost class would be random as well. So it does not really pay off to destabilize 5 ghost to combine to 1 Ghost for that.

So why Destabilized them? The only reason is to save time and trap.

It was said that when the shard can combine to the same kind of Ghost as well but I have not seen that option yet. Maybe because my ghosts rank are still reached it the max.

4. Level Up and Rank Up
Increasing level of ghost can be done by sending them to win battles or pump in PKE crystal and level them up. The Growth will come to halt when you hit a cap and you have to then increase your Rank up.

One real obstacle are the lack of  Slime Shard (which you have to destabilized / Delete a high rank ghost) and also the Element Shard which you get by sending your team to "Daily Haunt". Element Shard you can go garnering with a given time or day. But meeting the Rank Ghost to get the Slime Shard is a real challenge of luck.

5. Forming a Dream Team
Study your ghost skill and stats and form a team that can take down the rival team in battle. Don't rush in and waste your time and opportunity. Some element are strong against another while some could be weak. Example Fire is weak against Water. Look at your opponents and plan your team. Some Ghost have some skill too which may random your powerful ghost out of your control like Stun and healing. So that does not mean the higher your level you will have a confirm victory.

Take the time to know your Ghost and select and level up your ghosts.

Good luck and I will share more in time to come! IF you have question, comment below!

You can follow me at facebook page as I will update game experience there too!

27 September 2018

I fixed my Nintendo Switch Joycon drifting Issue

Remember my last few post that my One year old Nintendo Switch Joycon is drifting by itself? Well I tried numerous fix without removing the hardware but it is proven useless.

Cleaning Joycon Analogue Joystick DO NOT WORK!!

Here is the faulty analogue stick which I removed during replacement.

You may notice the dust is on the cover, if dust is the cause, cleaning would work right? Apparently even if you clean the dust, you notice it is on the outside. How would that stop the joycon from drifting.

There I was without remove the hardware believing it could work (after all it is the most easy way).

The two choices I have is the following

BUY a NEW JOYCON or Get the component and fix it yourself!

Weighting the cost that a pair of Joycon cost around $100 SGD, it would be way cheaper to D.I.Y to get that analogue component to replace. After all, there are a couple of video of people showing how to remove part of controller (most just skip some steps) to get it fix.

I did google and order the OEM analogue stick and am adventurous to replace the part. After all what would be the worst case? Replace the whole joycon since it is faulty and out of warranty.

Now if you really intend to do that, you need to some research to get the right tools. Google "Joycon tool" and you can easy get what you need.

The replacement took just 30 minutes max and after the replacement, you have to do a calibration of the joycon in Nintendo Switch to get it done.

The result, no more drifting!!

On the side note, I think this is more of design and quality issue of the Joycon. With my experience of Sony PSP and PS4, never have I seen controller having such issue.

Some may say because it is a portable console but I hardly bring it out. It is more like a home console.

I foresee that this is a common issue that sooner or later Nintendo switch owner will experience that. When the time come to them, it is really do they want to get another pair of Joycon or get it fixed.

When that time come, you make the choice.

PS: This is just a sharing of my experience and in no way recommend any product or source to get the part as this is not a paid post. So you have to google and find your own way. :)

26 September 2018

Ghostbusters World Day 1 Review

I downloaded the new Ghostbusters World on my Android device and being playing it for 1 whole day. So here is my Day 1 experience and review.

Ghostbusters world is like Pokemon Go?
When I first read about the game description and the screenshot of the game, I am given an impression this is very similar like PokemonGo but it turn out to be rather different.
Is different a good thing?

Well I guess it depend if you l Ghostbusters World is not really for a game on the Go.
Compare to PokemonGo where Pokemon appear and when you tab on the Pokemon, you will go in to catch mode almost instantly without much loading time. All you need to do is to feed berry or just aim and throw your Pokeball. Within 15 seconds or less you would have caught a Pokemon.

While there are numerous encounter of Ghost in Ghostbusters World, getting one would take up close to 1 minutes to 4 minutes of your time.
  1. There is a time limit during your catch mode.
  2. You must move your phone to aim to blast your beam to weaken the Ghost while it do the peek-a-boo with you. You will certainly give the people around you the impression that you are taking photo with your handphone when you play the game. (There is no other option I know for now how to play without moving the phone around).
  3. Some Ghost are more difficult that you have to upgrade your weapons to cut short the time to catch them to reach the timer.
  4. The Ghost will attack you and you have to be fast in avoiding it's attack. Every hit will minus your HP and when your HP is done, you are out of the catching mode.
  5. Every catch would need a trap and although you can make your trap (take time and used of free game coins) or spin on the dimension door (like Pokestop), it is very likely if you catch regularly you still would be lack of traps.
Ghost or Monsters?
In the game, there are quite a variety of Ghosts in the game. Some are from different culture which is interesting.

Here is an example of the catch mode which I am catching a Chinese Ghost (actually more to be Zombie in Chinese History) which is quite good.

While the variety of Ghosts is good, some of them are more like Monsters than classic Ghosts.

PVP and Story Mission
The reason you catch ghost is to train them to take on other ghost. That give you reason to power up your Ghost but it is not for free. Any rise in Ranking would require some items which you get by giving up some Ghosts or getting reward from.

You can also choose not to play those mode as you can go about catching

There are also Raid like PokemonGo for Ghostbusters World but I have not encounter one for my day 1 as I am hardly near one. Will give my thoughts on that when I tried that.

That's my review for now. Will update more when more interesting happen.

Read my Beginner tips for Ghostbusters World

19 September 2018

GameStart 2018 Coming

GameStart 2018 (#GameStart2018), Southeast Asia’s Premier Game Convention is happening on  13th to 14th October 2018 at Suntec Convention Centre,

Celebrating the 5th year of this event,  it will be showcases and previews, tabletop gaming, esports, indie games, retro gaming, and cosplay.

Esports fans can gear up for exciting competition as SEA Major (SEAM) 2018 plays host to more international tournaments. Mobile esports also takes center stage as SEA Mobile Major (SEAMM) plays host to the very first Shadowverse Contenders Cup for the Southeast Asia & Oceania region.

Key highlights of the release include:
  • Top esports tournament, SEA Major, will add two major gaming events to its high-level tournament action
  • Returning fan favorites such as the GameStart TableTop, GameStart Cosplay Runway and Doujin Market, Singapore’s largest community curated youth arts and illustration fair
  • The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia who will be exhibiting at GameStart for the first time
  • Guest appearance by voice actress Elise Zhang, best known as the voice of Mei from Overwatch
The ticket is currently on sale online here. Each day is at SGD $12. You may also go down to the venue on the actual day to get your ticket.

For those who want to be artist in the gaming industry can go for the GameStart Masterclasses by internationally-acclaimed game artists for local budding and professional game artists and GameStart Workshops that focus on a range of general gaming-related topics

GameStart 2018 MasterClasses
Dates: 10 & 12 October 2018
Venue: *SCAPE

16 September 2018

A few day away from Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online will start on 19th September 2018 and there are some mixed feeling for players regarding this value-added service.

If you purchased a game that has online playing mode, then it is very likely you need to have the subscription of this Nintendo Switch Online service.

If you subscribe to this service it would be around USD $20 a year.

To make the service worth it, Nintendo had throw in 20 classic NES titles for subscribers which they can play locally and online. There is a requirement however and that is you need to login every 7 days to keep playing on your console. That is fair to me as you subscribed Nintendo Switch Online service, it would be normal for you to access it when you are connected to internet.

Another value-added service would be Cloud Saved online that come with the subscription. That mean you can now put your saved game online. However not all game support this cloud saving and
Nintendo will delete all your cloud saves once your subscription ends.

One thing that still bug me as a gamer is that Nintendo only provide a way to backup your data on cloud and not on any physical media. You can however transfer your saved game between Nintendo switch physically. However if the hardware failed, you are likely to lost your save data.

The question remain, is it still worth getting Nintendo Switch Online service?

This would very much depend on the players. Do you play online often? If you do like more than 10 times a week, then it could be something you want to look into.

If you are not into online or multiplayer mode, then this may not appeal to you.

End of the day, even if you stop playing Nintendo Switch, your saved game should not matter much by then right?

PS: Do note that Nintendo Switch Online Subscription will not be required for Free-To-Play games such as Fortnite. For Minecraft users, you need Nintendo Switch online to play online.

01 August 2018

How to get Spinda in Pokemon GO?

Spinda has appeared today in Pokemon Go and the only way to get one for now is to spin a Pokestop that has a mission "Land 3 Curve ball throw in a row".

There are total of 8 patterns variation currently on Pokemon GO and each Pokestop would give you one pattern.

There could changes to get Shiny (had not been proven) which mean there will be in total 16 variation.

Here is the video of the first Spinda we got today.

More update later!! Follow us on FB!

27 June 2018

My Nintendo Switch Joycon drift by itself

I have my Nintendo switch for over a year now and my left Joycon that originally come with the console is having an issue.

What happen is that it somehow always drift to the left even when no one even operate the joycon.
I read running the calibration of the joycon which I did and here is a video showing what actually happen.

I am rather sadden with this issue as even having Playstation for years even there are using wireless controller, never have I encounter controller issue before. Best part this is a portable console.

Does that mean I have to get a new joycon?

What your opinion about this?

29 May 2018

What you need to know about Pokémon Poké Ball Plus?

The news of Nintendo Switch new Pokémon game of Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! and one of the interesting news is about the new accessory that is call Poké Ball Plus. So what is it and what it can and cannot do? Let's find out more on this official product from Nintendo.

How do Poké Ball™ Plus work with Nintendo Switch?
Poké Ball Plus actually have a control stick (the button in the center) and a top button (Red top part of the Pokéball ball). It also have motion control capability to capture the throwing of Pokéball like the joy-con. In short, it is like a joy-con but minus off some buttons.

The Pokéball Plus have LED light (Around the center control circle) and also speaker to play sound of the Pokémon.

It also will vibrate like a Joy-con. It can simulate that a Pokémon is inside the Pokéball Plus.

It offer a function to load a Pokémon inside and you can bring it with you (not too sure if you need the Nintendo Switch with you also for it to work but likely).

How Pokéball Plus work with Pokémon™ GO?
Pokéball Plus has the exact function of the Pokémon Go plus when you connect it on your smart phone with Pokémon™ GO app.

Like Pokémon Go plus, it offer the screen-free function which you can catch Pokémon without looking at your smartphone. When a Pokémon appears nearby, Poké Ball Plus will light up and vibrate. To catch press the button and it will auto catch the Pokémon (Not 100% catch tho).

The color of the LED light will indicate if you succeeded or failed in your catch.

The Poké Ball Plus connected to your smartphone Pokémon GO app, it will hatch Eggs and get Candy of your Buddy Pokémon.

In short, if you get this, this will replace your current Pokémon Go plus.

The Pokéball Plus has the 48mm diameter and weight about 65 grams.

The battery of this Pokéball Plus has a inbuilt re-chargable battery of 220mAh (about 3 hours of playing) which is rechargeable by USB type-C cable. The battery is lower than a normal Joy-Con which has battery capacity of 525 mAh.

The price of this Pokéball Plus would be around USD$50.00 and releasing in 16th November 2018. As this is accessories, you can buy it separately.

Smart way to get the money from  Pokémon Go players I must say.

20 April 2018

4FINGERS x God of War campaign

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the latest instalment of PlayStation® 4 video game God of War, 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken will be having a month-long promotional event from 20th April to 20th May 2018, complete with game demo consoles, photo backdrops, and giveaways.

4FINGERS diners in Singapore and Malaysia will be treated to an immersive experience, featuring an impressive line-up of lucky dips, gaming booths and lots of chicken.

Organised by 4FINGERS and supported by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES), the 4FINGERS x God of War campaign will kick off in 17 outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diners who purchase 4FINGERS’ “Wings of Power” Combo meal will get a chance at the Treasure Chest lucky dip to win the grand prize of a paid trip to the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) gaming conference in Los Angeles.
  • Other prizes include Limited Edition God of War PlayStation® 4 Pro consoles, copies of the God of War game, and other exclusive merchandise.

Outlet exclusive activities:
  • Starting with Orchard Gateway on Saturday, 21 April, 2-4pm, 4FINGERS has invited fans dressed as Kratos and Atreus to make in-store appearances across Singapore.
  • Marina Square, Northpoint City, Orchard Gateway, and Tampines 1 outlets will have GAEM mobile console machines for customers to try out God of War.
  • The Jurong Point outlet will have a PlayStation®-branded booth where customers can experience the game as well.
  • At Northpoint City, “Runes of 4FINGERS”, a weekly clue-based hunt will be conducted.
  • Participants will have to find and creatively pose with a hidden “rune” at Northpoint City for a chance to win God of War merchandise, Nokia 3310 3G mobile phones, and the latest Apple iPad (2018) Wi-Fi 128GB.
  • The first ‘rune’ clue will be revealed on 4FINGERS’ Facebook page next Friday, 27 April, at 10:30AM.
  • The Marina Square and Northpoint City outlets will also feature a photo backdrop, where participants can snap powerful poses for Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #WingsOfPower. The best posts will be rewarded with exclusive prizes.
Enjoy the chicken and have Fun!

Fate/Grand Order English version is out!

For Fate Stay Night fans, this is a new game for you!

The ever-popular Fate/Grand Order has opened its door to South East Asia and it is in English version!

This game is a card turn base game. It comes with good drawing of the Anime, action and voice of the Anime as well!

Players from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines are able to download from 19th April 2018 onwards!

You can download this on mobile using the following:
iOS click here
Android click here

16 April 2018


On SEGA Event recently in Japan, SEGA have annouced that they will be releasing a SEGA MEGA DRIVE mini for their 30th anniversary.

This move is much like what Nintendo have done last year having both SNES and Super Famicom which also have game included with wireless controllers.

This is more target to retro gamer who grew up owning such console in their childhood or Teens.

However access to such retro gaming title is not hard as SEGA have been releasing their retro games on PS4 and mobile phone gaming. Prehaps the experience is to play on a classic SEGA controller?

That being said, this is still big to SEGA fans. The matter now would be what are the game that comes with and the price point of the product.

More on that later.

01 April 2018

Tips for Pokémon Go Research to catch Mew

Pokémon Go had a new update and it give more meaning for the game play and it is called Research.

Research is divided to 2 parts. Field and Special.

Field Research
You have 3 slots for field research that gave you individual reward upon complete of the task. You begin by spinning a Pokéstop.

Do note that the same Pokéstop at a given time would give you the same task. Some of this task are reasonable easy and the reward would be according to the afford.

Some reward are by items and some a chance to catch some rare Pokémon. We discover that the Pokémon caught in the reward are more higher stats than egg hatching ones.

If you deem the task is too hard or the reward is not really what you need, you can delete that task anytime by clicking the "Bin" icon on the right. That give player a choice to see if they have time for that.

There is no time limit to the task. Just make sure you claim your reward and clear the slot for new task.

By the number of field research you do, you will get medal for that.

Special Research
This is a research to catch Mew which is 100% catch. However the requirement would not be easy.

There are total 8 tier (actually 7 as Mew catching is a reward) and it has no time limit.

Make sure you claim your reward so it can go to next tier. Even your bag are full, you can still claim the reward.

Tier 1: Spin 5 Pokéstops, Catch 10 Pokémon, Transfer 5 Pokémon
This is simple as most player do everyday

Tier 2: Farm 2 candies walking with your Buddy, Make 10 great throws, Hatch 3 Eggs
Just make sure you choose Pokémon that generate candy for 1KM and that would be easy. Hatching egg would be faster if you choose more egg hatcher and 2KM eggs.

Tier 3: Reach Level 15, Battle in a Gym 2 times, Battle in 2 Raids
If you are above level 15 it is a given straight to you. For Gym battle just go fight 2 pokemon in gym will do. For the raid use your yesterday and today raid pass will do.

Tier 4: Earn a Silver Kanto Medal, Evolve 20 Pokémon, Earn 5 Candies walking with your Buddy
If you are season player, Kanto medal should be no issue. Just make sure you have enough candies to evolve pokemon that is common and use less candies requirement.

Tier 5: Catch Ditto, Make 20 Great throws, Catch 10 Ghost Pokémon
This could be the most difficult tier among the rest as Ditto and Ghost Pokemon are really by luck encounter unless you know the NEST. So this may take sometime. Great throw defer from people who know how and those who try using luck.

Tier 6: Reach Level 25, Battle in 10 Raids, Evolve a Magikarp
Reaching level 25 is not difficult the only issue would be having 400 candies for evolving Magikarp. Raid battle would take less than 10 days.

Tier 7: Catch 50 Pokémon using a Berry, Make one excellent curve throw, Earn a Gold Kanto Medal
Make sure you have 50 berries of any kind will do as that is easy among the 3. Having Kanto medal would be rather easy but the most challenging is getting excellent curve throw. Pray and practice you may get one.

Tier 8: Catch Mew
100% catch rate so it is reward for you :)

So that's all for now. More tips later.

Now go and catch some Pokémon

29 January 2018

Say Hello to Hello Kitty Kruisers on Nintendo Switch

For those who like Racing Kart or Hello Kitty in general, Good news for you! Say Hello Kitty Kruisers!

This is not really a new game as in Wii U there has release of this game during Wii U time.

In this game, you will get to select Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz-Maru and Keroppi! Below is a preview of the game play.

This game is to released in the first quarter of 2018. Look out for it Hello kitty lover!

21 January 2018

Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate Error

Just a less than an hour ago, World wide Pokémon GO player having issue to login into the game. Goodle and PTC authentication apparently failed due to alleged security certification lapse.

The error last not more than half an hour and service has resume.

17 January 2018

Let's Labo with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has always be the one who is innovative and creative. Here is another surprise that will take the game arena by storm!

Introducing Nintendo Labo!!

Basically it is a game set name Variety Kit that allow building on cardboard maximise game playing experience. The box would come with set of card board to build the props and in different game mode to attach the screen and the 2 controller on various parts.

As these are cardboard, you can customised yourself by coloring and it is no longer a TV console but a fun physically interactive console!

Next you have the Robot Kit for Nintendo Labo which will come with cardboard needed to build and game cartridge.

For the first time, it will give you a kind of experience to move your head around with the game showing different angle and the punching movement of both hands accordingly.

Here is a video to show what are the possibilities

If you are wondering how can a cardboard know what to do that, it is very much creative way in design when the cardboard are made in certain way to trigger certain button to activate certain function.

More bews will be sharing on this before 20th of April 2018. We will keep you update on this!!

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