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14 October 2018

Disney Epic Quest Coming

Disney Epic Quest is an action role-playing mobile game that brings together Disney and Pixar characters in a digital universe. Players will assemble a squad of three Disney and Pixar characters who embark on a journey to save their digital realm from a menacing virus that has infected the land.

The key features of Disney Epic Quest are:

Disney and Pixar characters across multiple franchises in new environments
At launch, the line-up will include characters from Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles (1&2), Wreck-It-Ralph and Mickey Mouse & Friends. Disney Epic Quest also marks the debut of original costumes for Mickey, Donald and Goofy, created exclusively for the game.

Easy to play, hard to master
Casual players will enjoy the simple hack-and-slash nature of combat, while dedicated fans will be delighted to know that each Disney and Pixar character in the game has been thoughtfully designed to be as unique as their personalities in the movies. The elaborate character designs, as well as the potential combinations of character classes, levels, gears, and skills means that there are plenty of opportunities for players to grow their individual Disney and Pixar characters, and customize their squad of characters.

Real-time multiplayer fun Players can also engage in multiplayer co-operative battles in at least two different game modes. Players can invite their friends to play together, or make use of the game’s matchmaking system to meet new friends for real-time play. Future plans also include a competitive player vs player (PvP) mode.

The game will launch in 2019 in Southeast Asia, and will be available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.

Starting today, fans from around the world can pre-register their interest on the official website at to be notified when Disney Epic Quest is available in their region.

12 October 2018

What and How to Trade in PokemonGo

Trading of PokemonGo has been going for sometime. Decided to share some personal experience to some of those who are new or just came back again to PokemonGo.
Trading could be something new and here are some sharing of from my experience to you.

Before trading was introduce, whenever you caught a low IV Pokemon you will likely to trade with Professor for candy.  Now with trading there is a good chance not only you get More Candies and also a chance to get higher IV or a Lucky Pokemon.

So the question would be what and How you need to trade in PokemonGo.

More Candies
When you trade with professor you would get 1 candy of that Pokemon you trade in. Trading with other players may give you more of that candy when the original location of that Pokemon was caught.

Trading will Re-roll the Pokemon you traded
It is true and I learned in a hard way that if you trade a Pokemon, the IV of that Pokemon reached to the other play could be different. There is a chance that it will become lower IV than before trading. The best bet would be getting a high CP Pokemon even though it has a lower IV, when re-roll, the CP is roughly still the same.

The best way to trade is a Pokemon that CP is higher than 75% as the odds it turn into a higher CP is higher. Just make sure the other player do the same then you may have higher chance to get Lucky Pokemon as that will only happen when both trading are in "Wonder" Class.

Trading regularly would not only increase friendship level that translate to using lesser stardust (trading price to pay is cheaper) but also you need to build that friendship level to trade higher class Pokemon like legendary Raid Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon.

Remember the Distance matter
When you are trading with another player remember the distant must be within 100 meter of each other and also the distance of the origination of both Pokemon to calculate the amount of Candies you both will get.

In my personal experience, always have some keep some high CP Pokemon with you for trade with any players as you do not know when and where you may meet your Pokemon friend to trade should he have some Pokemon you did not have.

In short, be Generous. It would not cost you any real money but you never know when someone would return a favor by giving you a Pokemon you never had a chance to meet before.

Hope you get your trading partners soon!

05 October 2018

Beginner Tips for Ghostbusters World

After playing for a week, here are some tips I got for those who are starting out on this game.

1. Upgrades your gears
The most important thing you need to do with the time and coins you have is to diligently upgrade your gears. You will experience easier catch when you level up your gears. You need to develop the time and habit to do so as most of the time you will forget as you busy catching or battling Ghost.

2. Virtual Pad / Tilt Mode
When the start of the game, it was default to Tilt mode where you must face your mobile in position where the Ghost are. After I discover there is a Virtual pad, it is more easy to play when you are moving about. However Virtual pad will use up your clip more when you are fighting the boss as it sense you are shooting and not aiming most of the time. Thankfully you can switch the mode and pause the game during the selection in the catching mode.

3. Trap or Destabilized
Not all ghost are powerful. They are label as default Rank given from the moment you caught them. Starting from the lowest class of D to Class S as Legendary.  If you Trap them, you have a chance to see which Class they are. Destabilize them does not give you any chance to see the Class at all.

If you destabilized 5 of the same kind, you can combine them to form a Ghost. Again the Ghost class would be random as well. So it does not really pay off to destabilize 5 ghost to combine to 1 Ghost for that.

So why Destabilized them? The only reason is to save time and trap.

It was said that when the shard can combine to the same kind of Ghost as well but I have not seen that option yet. Maybe because my ghosts rank are still reached it the max.

4. Level Up and Rank Up
Increasing level of ghost can be done by sending them to win battles or pump in PKE crystal and level them up. The Growth will come to halt when you hit a cap and you have to then increase your Rank up.

One real obstacle are the lack of  Slime Shard (which you have to destabilized / Delete a high rank ghost) and also the Element Shard which you get by sending your team to "Daily Haunt". Element Shard you can go garnering with a given time or day. But meeting the Rank Ghost to get the Slime Shard is a real challenge of luck.

5. Forming a Dream Team
Study your ghost skill and stats and form a team that can take down the rival team in battle. Don't rush in and waste your time and opportunity. Some element are strong against another while some could be weak. Example Fire is weak against Water. Look at your opponents and plan your team. Some Ghost have some skill too which may random your powerful ghost out of your control like Stun and healing. So that does not mean the higher your level you will have a confirm victory.

Take the time to know your Ghost and select and level up your ghosts.

Good luck and I will share more in time to come! IF you have question, comment below!

You can follow me at facebook page as I will update game experience there too!