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29 January 2018

Say Hello to Hello Kitty Kruisers on Nintendo Switch

For those who like Racing Kart or Hello Kitty in general, Good news for you! Say Hello Kitty Kruisers!

This is not really a new game as in Wii U there has release of this game during Wii U time.

In this game, you will get to select Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz-Maru and Keroppi! Below is a preview of the game play.

This game is to released in the first quarter of 2018. Look out for it Hello kitty lover!

21 January 2018

Pokémon GO Unable to Authenticate Error

Just a less than an hour ago, World wide Pokémon GO player having issue to login into the game. Goodle and PTC authentication apparently failed due to alleged security certification lapse.

The error last not more than half an hour and service has resume.

17 January 2018

Let's Labo with Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has always be the one who is innovative and creative. Here is another surprise that will take the game arena by storm!

Introducing Nintendo Labo!!

Basically it is a game set name Variety Kit that allow building on cardboard maximise game playing experience. The box would come with set of card board to build the props and in different game mode to attach the screen and the 2 controller on various parts.

As these are cardboard, you can customised yourself by coloring and it is no longer a TV console but a fun physically interactive console!

Next you have the Robot Kit for Nintendo Labo which will come with cardboard needed to build and game cartridge.

For the first time, it will give you a kind of experience to move your head around with the game showing different angle and the punching movement of both hands accordingly.

Here is a video to show what are the possibilities

If you are wondering how can a cardboard know what to do that, it is very much creative way in design when the cardboard are made in certain way to trigger certain button to activate certain function.

More bews will be sharing on this before 20th of April 2018. We will keep you update on this!!

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