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07 November 2016

Pokémon Go Daily Bonuses with More Bonuses!

Niantic announced that there will be more Daily bonuses and more Pokemon spawning!

The daily bonuses reward you with XP.

Stardust for your first catch of the day so you may want to choose which Pokémon you are catching for the first time.

There will be XP and extra items for your first PokéStop spin. This will add on if you did that seven days in a row!

Don't get too excited yet as this is just only for a limited point of time (7th to 11th November 2016 only).

Why only that few days? I am not sure but maybe it have to do with keeping the players to play more daily as they did increase sales during the Halloween period and they now understood the important to keep the game easy and friendly.
Throw in more new Pokémon and do not frustrate players waiting for Lapras!