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24 October 2016

Pokémon Go Halloween Special

From 26th October 1st November 2016, Pokémon players will get some extra treats during this Halloween period

First during this period there will be more spawning rate of the following Pokémon
Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Zubat, GolBat, Drowzee and Hypno!

Update: Meowth, Cubone and Marowak seems to be appearing often too

All Pokémon catch will be rewarded double the number of candies and when you transfer your Pokémon to professor you will get 2 candies rather than the usual 1.

For the buddy system that walk, you will get 4 candies instead of 1!
These only happen during the Halloween period. So walk and catch Pokémon more!

Need more candies!!

20 October 2016

Nintendo Switch has been annouced

Yesterday Nintendo and get console lover excited with their new announcement of their next generation console releasing in March 2017, Nintendo Switch!

Here is a video of the device and something that strike me.
First is the graphic was amazing as it is showing the new Zelda game that would release on the first day of the release of the console. The movement and the coloring was striking.

This is a portable console as base that allow you to carry it everywhere you go or play at home by switching the controller.

While at home you can dock it and play on your TV with another wireless controller. I assuming that is also the charging function when you docked to play game.

Even when you bring out to play, you have the option to play like the classic 3DS with screen and controller together or for the first time you can keep the 6" screen to a comfortable spot while you sit down to play the game wirelessly.

The two side controller can be shared for 2 players to play Mario Kart.

As of today, there is not much news on specs and games but this certainly get me excited. All you need is a good games and this will certainly be a boom!

Follow me for more news on Nintendo Switch in the days to come!