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20 August 2016

Pokémon Go Curve Ball Template on Sale

We are still in the heat of playing Pokémon Go and there is a template on sale now to assist in doing more curve ball to get more XP.

It comes with different sizes to fit for your mobile phone 4.7", 5.1", 5.5" and 5.7" !

Above is for Galaxy S7 Edge

Here's a video of it in motion.

It also come with different team color for you to choose from!

Currently these are available at selected SKP outlets:
1) Bukit Panjang Plaza
2) Clementi Mall
3) Seletar Mall
4) White Sands Shopping Centre
5) Hougang Mall
6) Yishun 103
7) Eastpoint
8) Jurong East

Just go and get it there  Pokémon Go  players!

10 August 2016

Starhub users having issue with Pokémon Go ?

Since around 3PM today Singapore time on 10 August 2016, some Starhub users are having issue with their Pokémon Go.

* No Poké stop or Pokémon in sight!

Users raising with Starhub over at social media and here's a sample screenshot.

This issue is still unsolved nor was it being addressed at 8:45pm Singapore time.

UPDATED: This issue seems to resolved around 11pm the same day.

08 August 2016

Pokémon Go : How to Check in Poké Stop in a moving vehicle

If you take a Taxi, Bus or Train everyday, here's some instant bonus you can get when you are playing Pokémon Go.

Just watched this short video and comment if you have any.

Hope that helps.

Basic of Pokémon Go: Do I have to catch them all?

When this question was asked, many would think "catching them all" would be catch one of each type correct? Well actually the answer is No in Pokémon Go.

The correct answer to is to catch every Pokémon you see in the game regardless of type, color or abilities. Why?

If you are a season player of Pokémon Go you would know one of the often element in Pokémon game was kinda missing regularly and that is Pokémon Battle. In normal Pokémon game, Pokémon gain experience by facing off other Pokémon (even in Pokémon Shuffles). So how do your Pokémon in Pokémon Go grow and eventually hopefully evolved?

The answer is catching them all!

You need to look into the status of your Pokémon and in this case it is a Caterpie. When you catch any Pokémon you will be awarded some amount of Stardust and also their unique candy. For this case I was award 100 Stardust and 3 Caterpie Candies.

When you look into the status of the Caterpie, you will notice that I have 3500 Stardust and 9 Caterpie candy (including the 100 stardust and 3 caterpie candies previously add).

Next you will notice also there are certain pricing for Power up which need 200 stardust and 1 Caterpie candy while Evolve would need 12 Caterpie candies.

Now stardust is something that will be award in every Pokémon you catch but the unique candy are only found in catching those same kind of Pokémon (in this case is Caterpie).

So if I want to evolve this Caterpie, I have to catch more Caterpie to get more of the Caterpie candies to spent it on evolve it.

Now another way to get the Candies would be to "Transfer" the same type of Pokémon to professor and in return he will give you 1 same type of candy you have transfer to him. Make sure you only transfer the weaker Pokémon you do not want of the same type.

*I transfered to professor a Pinsir so I get a Pinsir candy

From then on, all you need to do is to focus on the Pokémon you want to level up and evolve. That is why you have to catch them all to do that.

Spend some time to think about that and I will go to the next topic on another post.

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07 August 2016

Pokémon Go - Catching Gastly

Here is my first recording of catching my first Gastly!

Yes you can see I used some Razz berries for that. I will share with you guys more what is the use of Razz berries on my another post. :)

06 August 2016

Basic of Pokémon Go: Egg Hatching

One of the items that awarded to you from Poké stop would be Egg. Now many will not really know what to do with this Egg and though it will hatch by itself but it will not unless you put them into an incubator. So let's talk about Egg.

In the beginning, you will have a incubator that has infinity usage. This incubator works more on the distance you travel from your devices. Generally there are 3 eggs categories. 2Km, 5Km and 10Km.
Here is a chart of the possible Pokémon that will hatched for the egg.

Now the distance on each of the Egg only count when the Egg is in the incubator. The distance then start to measure when your App is on with your GPS and it uses the changing of your GPS location to calculate. That mean you must keep your App on to do that. It is most effective if you walk in a straight line according to the App map (but look at where you are walking physically).

If you are thinking that by hopping into a moving vehicle count, it will not because it will calculate the speed and as long it is moving above a certain speed, it will not take into consideration.

Do note that walking in circles of small area may not count either. You may choose to use the paid incubator for 10KM while you use the FREE incubator for the 2KM or 5KM so at the same distance you travel, it will hatch more.

Do note the paid one cost 150 Poke coins for now and limited to 3 usage. You will however get only 1 FREE in the game.

Therefore it is important to set a time like you are walking to a certain location to use that time to run the App to clock in the time.

Now the question you may want to ask yourself is it worth it to hatch a Egg then as some  Pokémon  you may get it when you are traveling and you have no control which Pokémon  is in the Egg too.

My recommendation is just put one Egg into the Free incubator and let it run it causes and see what you get since you are clocking the hours anyway.

Topic of leveling up your Pokémon on the next post.

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Basic of Pokémon Go: Poké Stop

Singapore woke up with a big surprise that suddenly Pokémon GO was released in Singapore officially! Immediately Singapore authorized issued "Advise" to Singapore players to take note of certain things when playing. If you are interested to read that you can click here.

Now what important for new players in Singapore is to know some basic of how Pokémon Go works and this will be a series I am going to share what I have learned for the new players.

The beginning of the game you will start out with 3 starter Pokémon for you to choose from. You can only choose 1. Now what you choose from here for Pokemon Go is not important. Why? because you ain't going to do any battle till you are level 5. So from Level 1 to 5 and even onward, you should spend your time to catch Pokémon and get Pokéballs.

First thing first when you start your game is to note down where are the poke stop near you. Assuming you start from your home, you need to know where are the poke stop as most of the time you will be at home. If you are lucky, some poke stop are just a few steps away from your home which mean every 5 minutes you can check in and get your supplies.

And in the worst case scenario....

If any poke stop are in your radius you would see the cube marker in blue become a 2D circle. All you need to do is to click on that and you would see the photo of that landmark. Make sure there isn't any message saying it is too far away from you (see the photo below).

*Note regarding the Lure in the picture I will explain more on the topic on another post

If you are near and do not have the message, you just need to swipe the photo from left to right and it will spin dropping items in the bubbles. All you need to do is to pop the bubbles and the items will be placed in your item bag in your game.

For beginners, try to get more Pokéball as you need them to catch all the Pokémon! There will be other items that drop such as crystals, potion and also egg. That lead me to the next topic Egg which I will share on the next post.

Meanwhile checked in as many Poké stop regularly and get more items as possible!