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20 April 2018

4FINGERS x God of War campaign

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the latest instalment of PlayStation® 4 video game God of War, 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken will be having a month-long promotional event from 20th April to 20th May 2018, complete with game demo consoles, photo backdrops, and giveaways.

4FINGERS diners in Singapore and Malaysia will be treated to an immersive experience, featuring an impressive line-up of lucky dips, gaming booths and lots of chicken.

Organised by 4FINGERS and supported by Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES), the 4FINGERS x God of War campaign will kick off in 17 outlets in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Diners who purchase 4FINGERS’ “Wings of Power” Combo meal will get a chance at the Treasure Chest lucky dip to win the grand prize of a paid trip to the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) gaming conference in Los Angeles.
  • Other prizes include Limited Edition God of War PlayStation® 4 Pro consoles, copies of the God of War game, and other exclusive merchandise.

Outlet exclusive activities:
  • Starting with Orchard Gateway on Saturday, 21 April, 2-4pm, 4FINGERS has invited fans dressed as Kratos and Atreus to make in-store appearances across Singapore.
  • Marina Square, Northpoint City, Orchard Gateway, and Tampines 1 outlets will have GAEM mobile console machines for customers to try out God of War.
  • The Jurong Point outlet will have a PlayStation®-branded booth where customers can experience the game as well.
  • At Northpoint City, “Runes of 4FINGERS”, a weekly clue-based hunt will be conducted.
  • Participants will have to find and creatively pose with a hidden “rune” at Northpoint City for a chance to win God of War merchandise, Nokia 3310 3G mobile phones, and the latest Apple iPad (2018) Wi-Fi 128GB.
  • The first ‘rune’ clue will be revealed on 4FINGERS’ Facebook page next Friday, 27 April, at 10:30AM.
  • The Marina Square and Northpoint City outlets will also feature a photo backdrop, where participants can snap powerful poses for Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #WingsOfPower. The best posts will be rewarded with exclusive prizes.
Enjoy the chicken and have Fun!

Fate/Grand Order English version is out!

For Fate Stay Night fans, this is a new game for you!

The ever-popular Fate/Grand Order has opened its door to South East Asia and it is in English version!

This game is a card turn base game. It comes with good drawing of the Anime, action and voice of the Anime as well!

Players from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines are able to download from 19th April 2018 onwards!

You can download this on mobile using the following:
iOS click here
Android click here

16 April 2018


On SEGA Event recently in Japan, SEGA have annouced that they will be releasing a SEGA MEGA DRIVE mini for their 30th anniversary.

This move is much like what Nintendo have done last year having both SNES and Super Famicom which also have game included with wireless controllers.

This is more target to retro gamer who grew up owning such console in their childhood or Teens.

However access to such retro gaming title is not hard as SEGA have been releasing their retro games on PS4 and mobile phone gaming. Prehaps the experience is to play on a classic SEGA controller?

That being said, this is still big to SEGA fans. The matter now would be what are the game that comes with and the price point of the product.

More on that later.

01 April 2018

Tips for Pokémon Go Research to catch Mew

Pokémon Go had a new update and it give more meaning for the game play and it is called Research.

Research is divided to 2 parts. Field and Special.

Field Research
You have 3 slots for field research that gave you individual reward upon complete of the task. You begin by spinning a Pokéstop.

Do note that the same Pokéstop at a given time would give you the same task. Some of this task are reasonable easy and the reward would be according to the afford.

Some reward are by items and some a chance to catch some rare Pokémon. We discover that the Pokémon caught in the reward are more higher stats than egg hatching ones.

If you deem the task is too hard or the reward is not really what you need, you can delete that task anytime by clicking the "Bin" icon on the right. That give player a choice to see if they have time for that.

There is no time limit to the task. Just make sure you claim your reward and clear the slot for new task.

By the number of field research you do, you will get medal for that.

Special Research
This is a research to catch Mew which is 100% catch. However the requirement would not be easy.

There are total 8 tier (actually 7 as Mew catching is a reward) and it has no time limit.

Make sure you claim your reward so it can go to next tier. Even your bag are full, you can still claim the reward.

Tier 1: Spin 5 Pokéstops, Catch 10 Pokémon, Transfer 5 Pokémon
This is simple as most player do everyday

Tier 2: Farm 2 candies walking with your Buddy, Make 10 great throws, Hatch 3 Eggs
Just make sure you choose Pokémon that generate candy for 1KM and that would be easy. Hatching egg would be faster if you choose more egg hatcher and 2KM eggs.

Tier 3: Reach Level 15, Battle in a Gym 2 times, Battle in 2 Raids
If you are above level 15 it is a given straight to you. For Gym battle just go fight 2 pokemon in gym will do. For the raid use your yesterday and today raid pass will do.

Tier 4: Earn a Silver Kanto Medal, Evolve 20 Pokémon, Earn 5 Candies walking with your Buddy
If you are season player, Kanto medal should be no issue. Just make sure you have enough candies to evolve pokemon that is common and use less candies requirement.

Tier 5: Catch Ditto, Make 20 Great throws, Catch 10 Ghost Pokémon
This could be the most difficult tier among the rest as Ditto and Ghost Pokemon are really by luck encounter unless you know the NEST. So this may take sometime. Great throw defer from people who know how and those who try using luck.

Tier 6: Reach Level 25, Battle in 10 Raids, Evolve a Magikarp
Reaching level 25 is not difficult the only issue would be having 400 candies for evolving Magikarp. Raid battle would take less than 10 days.

Tier 7: Catch 50 Pokémon using a Berry, Make one excellent curve throw, Earn a Gold Kanto Medal
Make sure you have 50 berries of any kind will do as that is easy among the 3. Having Kanto medal would be rather easy but the most challenging is getting excellent curve throw. Pray and practice you may get one.

Tier 8: Catch Mew
100% catch rate so it is reward for you :)

So that's all for now. More tips later.

Now go and catch some Pokémon