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16 September 2016

Sonic Mania: Collector's Edition Coming

If you are have ever played SEGA game console, you would know Sonic being the icon of that game console and era.

So ahead of time, SEGA will be releasing the classic game on 3 different console. Here is the look of Playstation 4

It would come with a 12" statue of Sonic standing on SEGA Genesis console (not the real console but it do have sound from it).

A metallic collector card will give you the code to redeem the game from PSN. There's also a gold ring on a classic cartridges.

The item however will release in 31 May 2017 tho.
This collector box set is avaliable on PS4, XboxOne and PC.

You can see the order from Amazon listing here

12 September 2016

Pokémon Go Buddy System

Here is a preview of the Buddy system in Pokémon Go where everyone hear so much about.

That mean you can choose 1 walking buddy with you as you walk along (although it will be appear with you on the map as you walk) and you will earn some candy of the Pokémon that you choose walking with you.

You can choose your buddy in your own screen under Buddy (this is only in the latest update version).

Depending on the type of Pokémon, it will award you the candy on a certain destance. For Pikachu it was 1 candy for every 1Km. This would be great for those to hardly find Pikachu anywhere.

However if you are looking for Charmander to walk with you it would be 3Km for a candy. Choosing any of it's evolve kind will not affect the number of candy that you get tho. So if you have a Charmeleon or Charizard it would still be 3Km walk.

If you have a buddy, you will see it's icon beside you and the blue circle indicate the percentage to it's full candy reward.

This update do give players some edge as now instead of catching which very much depend if you actually see the Pokémon in the game, you can now just catch 1 and start to earn candy for yourself which can take more time. But hey it is better than not knowing where to find them or not right?

08 September 2016

Are you ready for Pokemon Go Plus?

If you are into Pokemon Go, you may want to take note that there is a compatible device that would help you in some way to play the game more easily.

Just yesterday Nintendo had announce the sales of Pokemon Go Plus by end of next week (16th of September) in selected countries. So far it is in US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. This device would pair as a bluetooth device with the smart phone that is running the Pokemon Go.

 This would vibrate when a Pokemon appear near you and pressing on it would help you randomly to catch the Pokemon selected.

 It also help you to be easier to check in to Pokestop by pressing the button.

One thing it did state that without the app to be active, the distance that your app is sleeping would not take into your account of walking distance that uses to hatch egg. As this is still new, many things are still not confirm how it will be use and whether is it really that friendly to the user.

This device would be priced at 3,500 yen.

More on that news on this once user use this device next week.