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15 February 2017

Pokémon GO 80 of Gen 2 Coming

Players of Pokémon GO has been tired of hearing new Pokémon coming thru various sources and none of it that we read or hear comes from the horses mouth. Finally the official word has been release. Indeed 80 new Pokémon from Johto region will be added later part of this week.

Yes that is correct. All those boxes with number on your Pokédex will be filled if you happen to meet them.

Below are the Johto region Pokémon  from Pokémon  site. With the count, it does not seems all Johto will be there as it seems more than 80 in the chart below.

Till now there is no word which of those 80 new Pokémon will it be exclusive in certain region.

Also with the new update coming in (expect to do the App update), some old Pokémon may be able to further evolve!

There are other feature update here in the official site.
I guess with all these update, it certainly get some season player excited again to go out and hunt for some Pokémon.

I will share with you guys more when it happen for sure.

12 February 2017

Pokemon Duel Flying Gym Cup Event

I have been playing Pokemon Duel on Android recently (as Pokemon Go is getting boring). Apparently the game play is interesting so far. Here is my recording of the Flying Gym Cup that is currently on.

This is just my Round 1.
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