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29 May 2017

PS3 Coming to End of Life

News of today would be Playstation 3 is coming to end of life somewhere this year and it would closer than you think.

It is a good time for me a ex-owner of a PS3 to give my few cents on this console and its soft and hardware

When PS3 came out and like much of hardware in the early 2000, it was not without flaws, although packed with high end hardware of that time, there was couple of issue and cost that stop many from getting.

The pull factor back then was the graphic which was stunting.

The hardware was so good and rather open that some hardcore hardware guys install linux in it and run as server for some development. Believe it or not military and education institution get PS3 for high-end compute cluster application. Soon it ended such Linux support from the firmware of PS3.

As the console reached it maturity, a redesign of the hardware and outlook comes about to lower production cost and also fixed some known issue like making it a slimmer form factor, decreased power consumption, and a quieter cooling system back in 2009.

The third generation of PS3 Super slim roll out in 2012 when now user can manually insert the game disc which is good for me and a lower power consumption to a higher harddisk capacity up to 500GB option,  That was the era when I came in as the system is stable, price is cheaper and having more game in the library to play for PS3!

My gaming with PS3 only lasted for 3 years plus when PS4 roll out. Due to the graphic differences, I hopped on to PS4 and never look back. The last game I remember playing on PS3 was GTAV. The graphic really pushes PS3 system and it was looking good and smooth.

One thing PS3 did successfully than PS2 for Sony was how they won the battle of "cracked" "root" of their system. This somehow keep their sales of legal game copies.

The news PS3 coming to end of life did not really hit me as hard as PS2 did tho. I think maybe I played more games and spent more time on PS2 than a PS3.

How do you feel about PS3 coming to end of it's run? Will PSN stop supporting PS3 system that is hook on it?

Tell me in your comment below.

25 May 2017

Magikarp Jump

The Pokemon company had just roll out a new game called Magikarp Jump. Basically it take on a easy minded game to just raise a Pokemon to win some league.
Unlike other Pokemon game, you need to take on contest (not battle) with other Magikarp trainer.

How to raise your Magikarp?  You need to feed them, Train them and take them to win the different League.

Now there is not much "interaction" during training and jumping. The game program will run by itself and give you the result. The only interaction count is when you are feeding the Magikarp in your pond.

There will be number of decoration given as you go further and you can upgrade your food, decoration and other Pokemon friends to give you some bonus.

Once you reached the Magikarp Max level, you can only go as far the League goes until you lost and your Magikarp will go into retirement.

Then a new round will start when you go and fish another Magikarp to get some rare ones and start the training again.

There are total of 7 different Magikarp to see which one will you strike.

I do not see any evolution of Magikarp tho.

However the game is entertaining as it is simple. Basically with the cute animation and simple game that is for all ages, it would certainly be another entertainment pass time when you are bored.

Give it a try, this game would get you playing for sometime.

07 May 2017

PS4 Dragon Quest XI Limited Edition

Coming in 29th July 2017, there will be a PS4 1TB limited edition of "Playing Dragon Quest XI Passing Time".

The box is going to be totally Dragon Quest style!!

The set will come with it's own wallpaper in the PS system and icons.

It also include a golden slime!!

 This set along with the Jap title will be retailing at 39,980 yen.

02 May 2017

Why 2DS XL coming?

Despite Nintendo doing promotion of Nintendo Switch, it did a product refresh for their old handheld. It should be 3DS but No. This time is a product refresh of 2DS in both LL and XL.

Why would Nintendo make such move?

You should know by now 2DS and 3DS is just a different of game able to go 3D in 3DS but mostly people just switch off that feature. It is more obvious when Pokemon Sun and Moon actually do not include any 3D even when release in 3DS. No one blink an eye on that. Apparently no one care about that features.

With the big library of games in 3DS and 2DS and also the community (mainly in Japan are playing 2DS LL). It is no surprise they are rolling a hardware update for this handheld with a more economy pricing this time (USD$149.00).

Do note that it was said to have faster processing speed.

Looking on the bright side, with this product refresh, it would extend the life span of the game to come I guess.

So where do Nintendo Switch sit in this as 2DS gamer would right now still pick back 2DS right?
What do you think?