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26 July 2017

9 Facts on Feeding Berries in Pokémon GO Gym

In the recent update, beside fighting Gym, you get a chance to feed berries to your Team Pokemon.
Here are some facts you may want to know about feeding Gym Pokemon.

1. You can only feed Pokemon of your same team in Gym.

2. Feeding Pokemon will restore CP (heart meter) of the Pokemon to make it last longer if there are being attack.

3. When you feed a Pokemon, you will get Stardust and sometime Candies of that Pokemon you feed. So if you need more Dragonite's candy, start feeding Dragonite of your same team in Gym.

4. When Pokemon heart is meter is full, you still can feed it. Normally 10 times but not more.

5. If you repeat feeding the same Pokemon, the rate of restoration will be lower each time.

6. Gold berries are the wonder berries which most of the time totally restore the heart meter of the Pokemon.

7. The newly added remote feeding. As this remote feeding will always be lesser effect of the berries compare to being there to feed it. Nonetheless this could still help you to stay in the gym for sometime for some players.

8. Remote feeding are always lower restoration than feeding there yourself

9. If you are doing remote feeding, keep an eye on the status of your Pokemon as there are rarely notification to alert you.

With this configuration, does that mean I can feed 1 berry to all? LOL *Joking

If you have more facts that you discover, share it in our comments!

27 June 2017

Mini SNES / Super Family Com Coming

Nintendo had just release plan to release the mini size SFC (Japan version) / SNES (US version) with 21 games included.

These are the 21 Japanese titles in all Japanese version only:

  • Super Mario World  スーパーマリオワールド
  • F-ZERO
  • Super Ghouls'n Ghosts 超魔界村
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ゼルダの伝説 神々のトライフォース
  • Super Formation Soccer  スーパーフォーメーションサッカー
  • Super Contra 魂斗羅スピリッツ
  • Super Mario Kart スーパーマリオカート
  • Starfox スターフォックス
  • Starfox 2 スターフォックス2
  • Sword of Mana 2 聖剣伝説2
  • Rockman X ロックマンX 
  • Fire Emblem ファイアーエムブレム 紋章の謎
  • Super Metroid スーパーメトロイド
  • Super StreetFighter II スーパーストリートファイターII
  • Super Donkey Kongスーパードンキーコング
  • Yo-Shi World スーパーマリオ ヨッシーアイランド
  • Panel de Ponパネルでポン
  • Kirby Super Star 星のカービィ スーパーデラックス
  • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja がんばれゴエモン ゆき姫救出絵巻
  • Final Fantasy VI ファイナルファンタジーVI
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars スーパーマリオRPG

Japanese release will be on 5th October 2017 at the price of 7,980 yen

For the English US release will be on 29th of September 2017 with also 21 games different from Japanese release.

The 21 games will be
  • Contra III The Alien Wars 
  • Donkey Kong Country 
  • EarthBound (MOTHER2)
  • F-ZERO
  • Kirby Super Star 
  • Kirby's Dream Course 
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 
  • Mega Man X
  • Star Fox 
  • Star Fox 2 
  • Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting 
  • Super Castlevania IV 
  • Super Ghouls'n Ghosts 
  • Super Mario Kart 
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 
  • Super Mario World 
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island 
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out!!

US release will be sold at US$79.90

03 June 2017

LEGO LIFE App is Out!

LEGO Launches LEGO® Life, a Safe Social Network for Kids Under 13, in Singapore and Malaysia.

– LEGO Life extends play through an evolving community of inspiration that adheres to the highest standards for child safety online

– New LEGO Emoji Keyboard and themed feeds innovate on the best of today’s social network features to allow kids and tweens to share and communicate with thousands of other LEGO fans

Building on its experience with nurturing communities and extending its expertise in developing quality, child-friendly digital play experiences, The LEGO Group today announces the Singapore and Malaysia launch of LEGO® Life, a safe social network for kids under the age of 13.

The app-centered digital experience allows young LEGO builders of all levels and interests to connect with a community of like-minded peers to express their creativity, share their LEGO creations, interact with LEGO characters, and inspire one another.

“The LEGO Group aims to develop digital experiences that complement and enhance LEGO play,” said Rob Lowe, head of LEGO Life. “LEGO Life creates a platform that amplifies the joy of building and pride of creation that kids experience with tactile play through the digital world in a safe way – further unleashing creativity among kids and tweens on a much broader scale.”

LEGO® Life Increases the Sociability and Personalisation of LEGO Play LEGO Life bridges physical and digital play experiences, innovating on the best of today’s social network features to add a social layer to LEGO play. After seeing millions of kids share their pride of creation in the “Cool Creations” section of LEGO Club Magazine and use message boards to share stories and photos about LEGO building, a richer, more dynamic social media platform such as LEGO Life is a natural next step in the evolution of LEGO community engagement.

“LEGO Life provides the platform where kids and tweens can take their LEGO creations and stories and give them the audience they deserve,” added Lowe.

The LEGO Life app lets kids personalise their LEGO experience through direct interaction with their favorite LEGO characters, exclusive content, an in-depth 3D LEGO minifigure avatar creator, and fun building inspiration and challenges. LEGO Life also introduces a custom LEGO Emoji Keyboard with which kids and tweens can communicate about what they create in LEGO form, as well as comment on what their peers share.

“LEGO bricks are already established as a global visual language that kids understand and use to express themselves,” explained Lowe. “The LEGO Emoji Keyboard takes this personalisation one step further with a keyboard of recognisable emojis augmented by stickers and phrases that let kids engage safely within LEGO Life.”

According to global research that informed the development of LEGO Life, 90 percent of kids surveyed are aware of emojis and their use in communication. When asked if they use emoji icons, approximately 40 percent of kids said “yes.” By infusing a LEGO look and feel into familiar emoji vernacular, the LEGO Emoji Keyboard helps kids and tweens inspire and support each other even though their spelling and typing skills may be still developing.

LEGO® Life is a Constantly Growing Source of Inspiration

Similar to mainstream social media platforms, LEGO Life delivers a newsfeed customised to user preferences. The app encourages kids and tweens to identify and “follow” topics of interest so that their feed is populated with relevant images, challenges and more. For example, kids can choose to follow groups dedicated to certain animals, vehicles, heroes, specific LEGO themes, seasonal programs or regional topics that they find most relevant.

Additionally, LEGO Life provides kids and tweens with inspiration and mentorship in fun and engaging ways. LEGO Master Builders will share creations and issue a variety of building challenges within LEGO Life to encourage building and sharing among the community. Characters such as Master Wu from LEGO NINJAGO, Emma from LEGO Friends and LEGO BATMAN™ will share building inspiration and will appear within the app to comment on member builds. New features will be continually added to the experience.

As the network grows and expands, users will find other ways to customise their LEGO experience, such as earning rewards for their engagement in LEGO activities and the ability to inventory their LEGO collection, among many other things. LEGO Life will also be available through many other LEGO touchpoints to enable as many LEGO fans as possible to experience its potential.

LEGO® Life is Safe and Secure

LEGO Life is a safe social network for kids under 13. It is designed to be a child’s first digital social experience, taking users by the hand and introducing them to some of the core concepts of a social network, all through the trusted values associated with the LEGO brand. As detailed in the Digital Safety section of LEGO Life, participants’ safety is assured in several ways.

No Personal Information

LEGO Life prevents kids from sharing personal information, images, or anything that could allow users to identify and locate one another. For example, when a user creates an account, he or she uses the random name generator to create a silly 3-word mix for a display name, such as “DukeCharmingShrimp” or “ChairmanWilyDolphin.” In place of real or facial photos for LEGO Life profiles, users create their avatar by selecting the LEGO minifigure or minidoll of their choice, adding clothing, hair and more to create their virtual persona.

Moderated Content

All content and comments on LEGO Life are monitored by LEGO employees who specialize in moderation to ensure that it is LEGO Life-appropriate and child-friendly. All moderators go through brand and child safety training, and the moderation team is located in LEGO offices around the world to ensure quality, always-on service. Use of the LEGO Emoji Keyboard replaces actual text when commenting on user-generated content. Commenting is tightly controlled and pre-moderated while emoji comments are post-moderated, keeping communication simple, universal, positive and fun.

Adherence to the LEGO Safety Pledge and UNICEF Standards

The LEGO safety pledge is a method for parents to talk to their children about digital safety while establishing a shared commitment to ground rules for online social behavior, and LEGO Life policies and procedures adhere to these ground rules. Additionally, LEGO Group has an ongoing partnership with UNICEF through which the company received guidance as to how to ensure child safety in developing LEGO Life. UNICEF and LEGO Group also partnered to develop a tool which enables companies to assess their current efforts around children’s digital safety.

LEGO Life may be downloaded for free Now in the App Store for iOS devices and at Google Play for Android devices

29 May 2017

PS3 Coming to End of Life

News of today would be Playstation 3 is coming to end of life somewhere this year and it would closer than you think.

It is a good time for me a ex-owner of a PS3 to give my few cents on this console and its soft and hardware

When PS3 came out and like much of hardware in the early 2000, it was not without flaws, although packed with high end hardware of that time, there was couple of issue and cost that stop many from getting.

The pull factor back then was the graphic which was stunting.

The hardware was so good and rather open that some hardcore hardware guys install linux in it and run as server for some development. Believe it or not military and education institution get PS3 for high-end compute cluster application. Soon it ended such Linux support from the firmware of PS3.

As the console reached it maturity, a redesign of the hardware and outlook comes about to lower production cost and also fixed some known issue like making it a slimmer form factor, decreased power consumption, and a quieter cooling system back in 2009.

The third generation of PS3 Super slim roll out in 2012 when now user can manually insert the game disc which is good for me and a lower power consumption to a higher harddisk capacity up to 500GB option,  That was the era when I came in as the system is stable, price is cheaper and having more game in the library to play for PS3!

My gaming with PS3 only lasted for 3 years plus when PS4 roll out. Due to the graphic differences, I hopped on to PS4 and never look back. The last game I remember playing on PS3 was GTAV. The graphic really pushes PS3 system and it was looking good and smooth.

One thing PS3 did successfully than PS2 for Sony was how they won the battle of "cracked" "root" of their system. This somehow keep their sales of legal game copies.

The news PS3 coming to end of life did not really hit me as hard as PS2 did tho. I think maybe I played more games and spent more time on PS2 than a PS3.

How do you feel about PS3 coming to end of it's run? Will PSN stop supporting PS3 system that is hook on it?

Tell me in your comment below.

25 May 2017

Magikarp Jump

The Pokemon company had just roll out a new game called Magikarp Jump. Basically it take on a easy minded game to just raise a Pokemon to win some league.
Unlike other Pokemon game, you need to take on contest (not battle) with other Magikarp trainer.

How to raise your Magikarp?  You need to feed them, Train them and take them to win the different League.

Now there is not much "interaction" during training and jumping. The game program will run by itself and give you the result. The only interaction count is when you are feeding the Magikarp in your pond.

There will be number of decoration given as you go further and you can upgrade your food, decoration and other Pokemon friends to give you some bonus.

Once you reached the Magikarp Max level, you can only go as far the League goes until you lost and your Magikarp will go into retirement.

Then a new round will start when you go and fish another Magikarp to get some rare ones and start the training again.

There are total of 7 different Magikarp to see which one will you strike.

I do not see any evolution of Magikarp tho.

However the game is entertaining as it is simple. Basically with the cute animation and simple game that is for all ages, it would certainly be another entertainment pass time when you are bored.

Give it a try, this game would get you playing for sometime.

07 May 2017

PS4 Dragon Quest XI Limited Edition

Coming in 29th July 2017, there will be a PS4 1TB limited edition of "Playing Dragon Quest XI Passing Time".

The box is going to be totally Dragon Quest style!!

The set will come with it's own wallpaper in the PS system and icons.

It also include a golden slime!!

 This set along with the Jap title will be retailing at 39,980 yen.

02 May 2017

Why 2DS XL coming?

Despite Nintendo doing promotion of Nintendo Switch, it did a product refresh for their old handheld. It should be 3DS but No. This time is a product refresh of 2DS in both LL and XL.

Why would Nintendo make such move?

You should know by now 2DS and 3DS is just a different of game able to go 3D in 3DS but mostly people just switch off that feature. It is more obvious when Pokemon Sun and Moon actually do not include any 3D even when release in 3DS. No one blink an eye on that. Apparently no one care about that features.

With the big library of games in 3DS and 2DS and also the community (mainly in Japan are playing 2DS LL). It is no surprise they are rolling a hardware update for this handheld with a more economy pricing this time (USD$149.00).

Do note that it was said to have faster processing speed.

Looking on the bright side, with this product refresh, it would extend the life span of the game to come I guess.

So where do Nintendo Switch sit in this as 2DS gamer would right now still pick back 2DS right?
What do you think?

15 February 2017

Pokémon GO 80 of Gen 2 Coming

Players of Pokémon GO has been tired of hearing new Pokémon coming thru various sources and none of it that we read or hear comes from the horses mouth. Finally the official word has been release. Indeed 80 new Pokémon from Johto region will be added later part of this week.

Yes that is correct. All those boxes with number on your Pokédex will be filled if you happen to meet them.

Below are the Johto region Pokémon  from Pokémon  site. With the count, it does not seems all Johto will be there as it seems more than 80 in the chart below.

Till now there is no word which of those 80 new Pokémon will it be exclusive in certain region.

Also with the new update coming in (expect to do the App update), some old Pokémon may be able to further evolve!

There are other feature update here in the official site.
I guess with all these update, it certainly get some season player excited again to go out and hunt for some Pokémon.

I will share with you guys more when it happen for sure.

12 February 2017

Pokemon Duel Flying Gym Cup Event

I have been playing Pokemon Duel on Android recently (as Pokemon Go is getting boring). Apparently the game play is interesting so far. Here is my recording of the Flying Gym Cup that is currently on.

This is just my Round 1.
If you like more subscribe or comment. Thanks!

12 January 2017

Nintendo Switch Announced

Today it was just announced from Nintendo that the new Nintendo Switch will be releasing in US in 3rd March 2017 at the retail price of USD $299.99.

It was announced so far there is no region lock tho.

Here are what it is in the box.

Since this is a portable device when it is in portable mode, the power consumption was said to be between 2.5 to 6.5 hours battery life. So it really depend on what you are doing.
The console comes with 32GB of storage - extendable with a MicroSD card slot.

Multiplayer online gaming is given for free initially but later paid-for it which don't really work for me as I feel player paid the game, paid for their power and internet data plan.

There are also smartphone app for social aspects of games including chat function which not pretty sure it is something I would use or not.

Do note that the Joycon can be share for 2 players. So players can play 2 players  game out of box (you have to buy the game for that).

There are other color to choose from if you need to get other colors and here are the button of the Joycon

Personally what will make me buy a console are the pricing the quality of the game.  So far it was annouced The Legend of #Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, ARMS and
Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Among these games only 2 that I am kinda excited about.

With the pricing not certain in Singapore, I will wait for more quality game release that is suitable for handheld mode as ultimately this is a play and Go device is it not?

What do you think?

I will share more on Nintendo Switch here on this blog. Do follow me!