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29 May 2019

Pokémon Sleep and PokémonGo Plus +

If you are a player of Pokémon GO then you may want to know you can use your sleep to play Pokémon GO as well!

Remember PokémonGo plus? In time to come there will be a Pokémon GO Plus + which is a device just like Pokémon GO Plus but more function as it is flat and it will track your sleep pattern with the Pokémon Sleep App.

Yes you will be rewarded for your sleep when you are using the Pokémon Sleep app and I guess it will link to your Pokémon GO account maybe like hatching egg?

If you are into sleeping App, then this could be a PLUS to you.

More detail on this Pokémon GO Plus Plus and Pokémon Sleep App.

Follow us for update on this.

06 March 2019

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit

Nintendo has announced《Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit》for Nintendo Switch which introduce VR experience to Nintendo Switch users.

There are two option to get Nintendo Switch user a head start.

First the complete Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit which will be priced at USD $79.99

Here are what that is inside and each mode are color coded and will come with a game.

“Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit – Starter Set + Blaster” which will be priced at USD  $39.99 would be more to basic who want to have an experience with a budget.

Players that own the Starter Set can purchase the following optional expansion sets to expand their experience:

■ Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit – Expansion Set 1: Available at a suggested retail price of $19.99, Expansion Set 1 includes the Toy-Con Elephant and Toy-Con Camera.

■ Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit – Expansion Set 2: Available at a suggested retail price of $19.99, Expansion Set 2 includes the Toy-Con Wind Pedal and Toy-Con Bird.

Do note that the 2 expansion sets do not include the Toy-Con VR Goggles or Nintendo Labo: VR Kit software.)

Labo VR kit  will be available in stores on 12th April 2019.


12 December 2018

PokemonGo PVP is Out!

Here is our first hand experience of PVP on PokemonGo!

Now you can have option to Train with the Trainer to get a feel how PVP works. Doing so will earn you the long lost badges of ACE trainer. Do note each training will only gain you 1 point but the good news is that your Pokemon wont need any item to heal them.

If you are challenging a real player you have 2 choices.

1. Scan QR code for those with you personally. The QR code will expire after a period of time.
2. Go to your friend list and if they are online (only for Ultra and Best Friends status), you can invite them for battle. It is entirely up to them to accept or not.

Then you are given 3 league to fight. Do note the limit is CP. So if there are Legendary Pokemon with low CP, you may see them in those battle.

So if you want to major in the lowest CP league then make sure you keep your useful Pokemon on those CP level and not evolve or power them up.

You are given some time then to choose 3 Pokemon. My advise is always think about what your opponent maybe using and choose those that counter their Pokemon.

The battle system is very straight forward. You choose 3 of your Pokemon and fight. Unlike Raid or battle in Gym, you cannot "avoid" attack by swiping left or right. So you can forget about dancing.

What count is you have to see what Pokemon is against you and is his attack is effective against you or is your attack effective against him.

When you are using your charging attack, you are given time to charge by pressing real fast to double your attack damage. If the opponent used the Shield, it basically nullify your attack. So plan your attack wisely.

If the attacker move is effective against you, you are given only 2 shield to block that attack. So use wisely especially you know their attack against you are effective.

If you win, you will get plus 1 point of the League badges depending which league you were playing along with some stardust.

This really is fun as now you can battle your friends in real time. However this also would distract you from Raid, battle in Gym or capturing Pokemon. So look out for those invitation as if you are online, your friends would know by seeing the ability to send invite to you to battle.

I would share more if I discover more over the days!

11 December 2018

What SD card should I get for Nintendo Switch

When one got a Nintendo Switch which already have 32 GB on board, one would be looking for SD card to expand the memory.

If you are looking into that, you need to know at least what type of SD card  is good enough for you to use on it.

Officially Nintendo recommend to have any SD card that has UHS-1-compatible and that have a transfer speed between 60 and 95 MB/sec. That basically mean your SD card should be at least Class 10. Also Nintendo Switch will support up to 2TB MicroSDXC cards.

PS: As of now in Dec 2018 there are no 1TB MicroSD card yet. The biggest on the market is only 512GB till date. 

Depend on your budgets and also as time goes on SD card would be dropping pricing of the same capacity over time.

What I purchased was a Samsung EVO 64GB micro SD SDXC Class 10 UHS U3 Memory Card 100MB/s. This SD card suppose to have up to 100MB/s Transfer speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility which is more than enough for speed transfer that Nintendo recommend.

Having a 64GB would take some time to fill it up as Nintendo don't play music nor allow video watching. So it would more on screenshots, game saved or games. Of course if your budget is higher you can go for the 128GB / 256GB / 512GB. For me is the economy of prices and capacity.

Hopefully this would give you some rough guide on what SD card to get. What Brand you want  totally your choice but just make sure it is original and from company that actually made memory card you should be fine.

If you find this useful, share it and like it! Thanks!

10 December 2018

How to mute voice chat in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

If you ever playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, one of the most irritating moment would be having someone on their mic and kept shouting.

In normal circumstances on PC, we can move the mouse to the team member name and click on the speaker icon to mute it. But on Nintendo, it need another solution.

So here is how it can be done.
1. While you are in game press - button
2. The screen would list out a group of name. Go under the nick name of the one that you find irritating and press X.

3. You would instantly silent him off.

Happy Playing!

01 December 2018

SPIDERWEBS SNES Street Fighter II Power bank

For those retro SNES Streetfighter II fan, here is a power bank for you!

This has the outlook of a SNES cartridge.

Nonetheless this is a power bank with 8000 mAh with capability for Rapid 2.4 A Quick charge. You can see the size below. Cable is not included.

They even put the packaging like the retro packaging of the cartridge of Street Fighter II! How cool is that?

This is set to release in March 2019 for 6,000 YEN by SPIDERWEBS under SUPER BGAME Street Fighter II Game Cassette Type Battery Charger SBGC-S2

28 November 2018

Loot Box banning is happening

If you are a gamer, Loot box may not be a foreign term to you especially if you are playing online or mobile game.

In April 2018, Belgium has declare a Ban on lootbox on certain games with UK follow thru shortly. Now US and Australia is looking into this matter of loot box  as well.

What is Loot box / Crate?
Loot boxes which gave random items or reward is seen as a norm in recent Online and mobile games. These loot box /crates would give you some advantage in your experience of your gaming experience.

Why game developer create Loot box?
The answer is the simple. To get more income and not just more income like one time purchase of DLC but more constant income as loot box can be anytime as long the gamer "invest" in that game.

Because it is random (although I highly doubt it is as the success rate already written into the development like placing the percentage of getting a rare item or characters), players would try and try again to get what they want.

By the time the player realized the game is not that fun after all, he/she may have paid a certain amount of money he actually intended. Then the game level increase and more new releases to tempt the player to get the more rare "reward".

As they are real money involved, this random loot box is like gambling such as buying lottery.

Is Loot box Micro Transaction?
To clarify that Loot box is not equal to micro transaction as micro transaction is straight forward that you know what you are buying and will get what you spent with your money.

Why Loot box is Illegal? 
Loot box on the other hand is an uncertainly of what you are getting even you paid for that amount. On that basis, that is consider as gambling which is against the law depending on which country you are in.

As games are open to younger players, some of them are below legal age to expose to gambling. Having such exposure is not good for them as they may spent money which likely are not theirs and cultivate the gambling habits in a way.

Gacha is the same as Loot box 
For Japanese game company, they call loot box with another name as "Gacha". Some of such games would give you daily ticket or let you play to earn points and over a period of time you can get to try one time of the "Gacha". If you cannot wait or actually grind in the game, then you pay money to get chances to go for Gacha.

Most Loot box only work if you are playing with a community as not to lose out and want to stand out with a different rare item, players would pay more to TRY to get what they want.

As a gamer, I have some experience with such games. While it certainly did not stop me from playing the game, it certainly enhance my experience with the game if I go for the reward in the loot box. Nonetheless because it cost real money, I do feel the temptation of making the emotional decision is high to get the rare items or characters in the game.

If I play the game long enough to know I have to spend more money to have a happier experience, it would likely I drop the game as it lost it meaning.

End of the day I think it is good that there are regulation especially there are young kids playing the game.

As to the game developers, you need to make more quality game rather than depending loot box sales and lazy DLC.