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29 May 2019

Pokémon Sleep and PokémonGo Plus +

If you are a player of Pokémon GO then you may want to know you can use your sleep to play Pokémon GO as well!

Remember PokémonGo plus? In time to come there will be a Pokémon GO Plus + which is a device just like Pokémon GO Plus but more function as it is flat and it will track your sleep pattern with the Pokémon Sleep App.

Yes you will be rewarded for your sleep when you are using the Pokémon Sleep app and I guess it will link to your Pokémon GO account maybe like hatching egg?

If you are into sleeping App, then this could be a PLUS to you.

More detail on this Pokémon GO Plus Plus and Pokémon Sleep App.

Follow us for update on this.

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