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23 June 2016

Turn your Android to Gameboy

Ever since the E3 this year, Hyperkin design of changing Android smart phone to Gameboy seems to create much buzz.

While you may think these maybe just another smartphone that run gameboy emulator app, this actually runs the original Nintendo Game Boy cartridges. With the use of USB connection, the smartphone will be more like a monitor display of the game while the control are on the tactile buttons.

The case is designed to fit Android phones measuring 4-5 inches but the thickness of the smartphone would somehow play a part in how well it will be fitted. The Android device must be 4.4 and above.

This is schedule to release in 1st December 2016 with a retail price of US$60.

On the side note, going back to the original Gameboy was running 4 x AA batteries and it was estimated to have 35 hours of playing while the Gameboy color run on 2 AA batteries that can last up to 10 hours in colors.

The question you have to ask is how long while your smartphone battery last using this device while you are playing it?

As cool or nostalgic it sound, end of the day the game will still run in 8 bit with it speed but the consumption of power on the smart phone do not mean it will last longer due to the screen. Some more you are using half of the screen may not mean you use lesser power as well.

That remind me the time when I use my home PC in the 1990s to run the gameboy emulator to play gameboy game. Guess how much power I have consume to play this 8 bit game with a 17" CRT monitor?

Well that's my 2 cents. :)

21 June 2016

Supercell bought over by Tencent

News just out that the game company Supercell Oy was evaluated at $10.2 billion  by one of the world largest internet company Tencent Holdings Limited.

Who is Supercell?
If you are in Mobile gaming world regardless Android or iPhone, you would have seen some of these game being played by someone on their mobile device daily. There are Clash of the Clans, Clash Royale, Hay day and Beach Bomb.

In the gaming industry, it is difficult to follow up another hit from a hit game like Clash of the Clans but they manage to make another sub game which is picking up called Clash Royale. That itself is quite amazing.

Personally I have played two of these titles and a friend of mine actually pay money for some in game purchase. Constantly I have seen players on their mobile devices playing this game. That it's said something about the game company.

Who is Tencent Holdings Limited?
Tencent Holdings Limited is from China and owner of Tencent QQ app and the largest web portal On top of that, they also owned WeChat.

Tencent plan was to bring the game into China community and you can imagine the buzz of that.

15 June 2016

5 things you need to know before getting on PlayStation VR

It has been announced this week that PlayStation VR will be releasing on October 13, 2016 for USD$399.

 Before you get all excited, here are the list of things you need to know.

1. Playstation VR do not work alone, which mean you need to have first a PlayStation (not mentioning with the new Neo 4K version or the regular one so far) together with a Playstation Camera. This Camera are currently not included with the Playstation VR at the moment so if you really into investing on VR, get a camera first.

2. Some games also require a set of PlayStation Move controllers and currently that is also not included with the Playstation VR.

3. There will be only one free game that comes with the Playstation VR and it is The Playroom .

4. It was communicated that there are 50 games that is just for VR in development which include Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience and Resident Evil VII.

Here is some demo of the Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience (move to 0.54 for the VR part)

Here's a demo Gameplay of Resident Evil VII

And here's a demo Starwars Battlefront in VR

5. Playstation VR will come with a processing box, power cable, earphones, dual HDMI connector that links the headset to the PS4, an HDMI cable, a micro USB cable and finally a headset, This would mean players should still expect to have some wire on you.

So far this is what was given for news but as a gamer, would you want to pay more for the VR experience? A regular PS4 console cost about USD$350, now another add on parts is at USD$399. That's quite a lot for investment for a regular gamer. Well I guess we have to wait and see when the product is out and how the people on the actual ground response.

Feel free to comment on what you feel on Playstation VR. Do you think you will get one and why?

14 June 2016

PS4 Spider-Man Coming

Ever since the new Spider-Man preview on Captain America Civil war, many are anticipating more of the new Spider-Man.

Since Sony owned the licensing of Spider-Man currently, it is not surprising Sony is going to make a game out of it.

Here is the Teaser of the new Spider-Man game that he comes with a new suit.

The Teaser seems to show some gameplay but much of it seems like cut scene and so I cannot do much conclusion. Not too sure if the graphic are the Neo version (4K) or the suit is it going to be the same in the coming Spider-Man.

From what was spoken with the video, it is the same character in the Spidey from Civil wars as he is from Queens.

Well we certain keep an eye on this release to see if the graphic and gameplay is really that fluid.

07 June 2016

The Tomorrow Children Beta Experience on PS4

Just over the last weekend, PSN actually release Beta for The Tomorrow Children. Initially I have no ideal what type of game it is but I try it out anyway because of curiosity.

So here's my short review of my Beta experience

What do you think about this review? Is it a game which you like to play?