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26 July 2017

9 Facts on Feeding Berries in Pokémon GO Gym

In the recent update, beside fighting Gym, you get a chance to feed berries to your Team Pokemon.
Here are some facts you may want to know about feeding Gym Pokemon.

1. You can only feed Pokemon of your same team in Gym.

2. Feeding Pokemon will restore CP (heart meter) of the Pokemon to make it last longer if there are being attack.

3. When you feed a Pokemon, you will get Stardust and sometime Candies of that Pokemon you feed. So if you need more Dragonite's candy, start feeding Dragonite of your same team in Gym.

4. When Pokemon heart is meter is full, you still can feed it. Normally 10 times but not more.

5. If you repeat feeding the same Pokemon, the rate of restoration will be lower each time.

6. Gold berries are the wonder berries which most of the time totally restore the heart meter of the Pokemon.

7. The newly added remote feeding. As this remote feeding will always be lesser effect of the berries compare to being there to feed it. Nonetheless this could still help you to stay in the gym for sometime for some players.

8. Remote feeding are always lower restoration than feeding there yourself

9. If you are doing remote feeding, keep an eye on the status of your Pokemon as there are rarely notification to alert you.

With this configuration, does that mean I can feed 1 berry to all? LOL *Joking

If you have more facts that you discover, share it in our comments!