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12 October 2018

What and How to Trade in PokemonGo

Trading of PokemonGo has been going for sometime. Decided to share some personal experience to some of those who are new or just came back again to PokemonGo.
Trading could be something new and here are some sharing of from my experience to you.

Before trading was introduce, whenever you caught a low IV Pokemon you will likely to trade with Professor for candy.  Now with trading there is a good chance not only you get More Candies and also a chance to get higher IV or a Lucky Pokemon.

So the question would be what and How you need to trade in PokemonGo.

More Candies
When you trade with professor you would get 1 candy of that Pokemon you trade in. Trading with other players may give you more of that candy when the original location of that Pokemon was caught.

Trading will Re-roll the Pokemon you traded
It is true and I learned in a hard way that if you trade a Pokemon, the IV of that Pokemon reached to the other play could be different. There is a chance that it will become lower IV than before trading. The best bet would be getting a high CP Pokemon even though it has a lower IV, when re-roll, the CP is roughly still the same.

The best way to trade is a Pokemon that CP is higher than 75% as the odds it turn into a higher CP is higher. Just make sure the other player do the same then you may have higher chance to get Lucky Pokemon as that will only happen when both trading are in "Wonder" Class.

Trading regularly would not only increase friendship level that translate to using lesser stardust (trading price to pay is cheaper) but also you need to build that friendship level to trade higher class Pokemon like legendary Raid Pokemon or Shiny Pokemon.

Remember the Distance matter
When you are trading with another player remember the distant must be within 100 meter of each other and also the distance of the origination of both Pokemon to calculate the amount of Candies you both will get.

In my personal experience, always have some keep some high CP Pokemon with you for trade with any players as you do not know when and where you may meet your Pokemon friend to trade should he have some Pokemon you did not have.

In short, be Generous. It would not cost you any real money but you never know when someone would return a favor by giving you a Pokemon you never had a chance to meet before.

Hope you get your trading partners soon!

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